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Fire blankets are a perfect addition to all of the Fire Fighting Equipment that you should have at home, hospital, schools, hotels, office, home for aged child welfare, shelter, community residents, factory, shopping malls, cafes cars, stations, church/temple, prison places, like Fire Alarm Systems, Fire Extinguishers and carbon monoxide detectors that are widely seen, used and comply with the regulatory agencies. Fire blanket is a safety device designed to extinguish small started fires, and is made of flame-retardant materials, such as wool or fiberglass.

The fire blanket is a specially treated glass fiber fabric which is very soft, smooth and does not irritate skin. Which uses fiberglass thread to sew the fold and fire resistance ribbon. Fire Blanket is a very soft fire distinguishing device. At the very beginning of fire accident, it can be used to insulate, first for smooth the fire, by cutting of the oxygen needed to keep burning. Second it can be used to wrap a human body in to insulate skin and clothing from the fire. When compared with the other kinds of fire extinguishers, fire blanket has the following advantages:

A. It has no expiration date.

B. It is environmental friendly.

C. It is a good insulator and high temperature resistance.

D. Is easy to carry store and simple to use.

E. It is the best choice for emergency, fire protection and fire fighting

Every school, classroom should have a Fire Blanket inside for safety reasons, and every staff in the center should know how to use it. Remember, is important to have available and kept within easy reach at all-time Fire blankets because “stop, drop, and roll” is no enough, at time of emergency a fire blankets can save the life of child.

Using Instruction:

• Place the product on the wall at an easily noticed and reached location.

• When the fire accident occurs, quickly take out the product with both hands pulling the 2 black tapes.

• Open up the product and hold it in your hand as if you are holding a shield.

• Use the product to cover up the fire lightly, at the same time, cut off electricity & gas.

• While the product is covering up the fire, use other measures to distinguish the fire until it is completely off.

• After the fire has been completely extinguished, take off the product when it has been cooled down and treat it as an inflammable trash.

• In case the clothes of a person are on fire, quickly warp the person with the product to extinguish the fire and call 911 immediately.


• Material: Fiberglass

• Color: White

• Size: 1m X 1m

• Weight:  about  500g/pc

• Packing: 1pc/red color PVC bag

• Standard: EN 1869:1997

• Category: Security & Protection

• * High Temperature Resistance

• *Fire Protection

• * Price: $15.95

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