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Our great Zeki-snoozer Sleepover Bags are made of 30% cotton and 70% polyester soft quilted fabrics with preshrunk cotton in a diamond quilted shape, stuffing inside with a double layered of hollow fiber insulation to help keep those special “little toes” warm at all times. Our sheeting fabric collection prints are made of our unique Zekieyes Brand designs and a colorful collection featuring several famous children storybooks that will include the “storybooks and plush characters”.

• They are also perfect for child care centers, camping, car trips, or a relaxed Saturday morning around the house

• Comes with a full side to bottom zipper closure that will allow to open the entire bag, and without zipper closure

• Has a name tag to write your child’s name and other information   

• Have the option of match pillow case, 20 x 30”      

• Our sleepover bags have a Kid size 30 x 70”, and Toddler size 25 x 56”

• We offer a match designer doll sleepover bags, 12 x 22”

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