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Zekieyes Emergency/Evacuation Backpack is an All-In-One portable Emergency Preparedness Kit for evacuation or lock-down situations. This backpack is specially designed for childcare classrooms, public and private schools, field trips, offices, and homes. Each of our "Self-Contained Emergency Backpacks" comes with all the essential emergency preparedness supplies that can help teachers, caregivers and parents take steps to ensure the children's safety. The Inside-kit includes emergency food, water, 12 hour light stick, shelter supplies to prepare for all disasters, rescue supplies, hygiene and sanitation supplies, emergency flashlights flashing Led and 115 First-Aid Kid for the first several hours after an emergency or disaster. The supplies included are enough for a classroom of 20 children, the teacher and the teacher assistants.

• Complies with NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene / Bureau of Day Care standard policies & procedures for the safety operation of Child Care Service. 

• As part of Article 47 (47.11 Write Safety Plan) every school, public/private, and childcare classroom should store emergency supplies in preparation for either an evacuation or/and an emergency that resulted in students and teachers to shelter in place.

• A detachable First Aid Kit Pocket contain 115 items pediatrician most recommended to treat scrapes, bruises, fevers, bumps, headaches, and insect bites. All First Aid kit products are manufactured by "FDA" registered facilities; complies with the US Safety Regulations and meet the latest CPSIA standards.


• Red rugged backpack is made of durable 600 Denier Polyester with PVC lining.

• Red screen print with Zekieyes repotted to give texture.

• Confortable, padded shoulder straps, with black border, adjustable with heavy stitching for durability. Back panel is padded for comfortable carrying.

• Yellow Zekieyes embroidery

• Pocket with invisible zipper

• Black zipper from side to side

• Safety signal: 3 centimeter reflecting tape for quick find emergency identification and high visibility

• White cross design with "Emergency Bag" screen

• A detachable small pocket for "First Aid Kit" contain 115 items

Designed on-the-go emergency preparedness. Supplies backpack which will maintain child care safety standards.

  • For childcare classrooms, public/private school, field trips and home

Survival Kit Content:
(4) 2,400 calorie food bars (50 portions. 5 year shell life)
(20) Emergency drinking water pouches (4 oz. 5 year shell life)
(1) Pair leather palmed work gloves
(1) Pair safety goggles
(1) Pry bar
(5) Dust masks
(1) Flashlight with extra batteries
(2) 12 hour light sticks
(30) Sanity toilettes

First Aid Kit Detachable Pocket Items
Assorted kids-friendly bandages:
(5) 1x 3" Adhesive bandages
(5) 1-½" junior bandages
(5) 2" x 4" Knee & Elbow bandages
(5) Finger Tip Bandages
(5) Knuckle Fabric Bandages
(6) 3" x 3" Gauze Pads
(6) 2" x 2" Gauze Pads
(6) Antiseptic Toilette for
(10) 3" Cotton Applicator Swabs
(6) Alcohol Cleansing Pad
(1) Paper Tape (no scissors required ½" x 5 yds.
(6)Hydrocortisone Cream (Maximum strength anti-Itch)
(4)Triple Antibiotic (First Aid Ointment)
(1)Burn First Aid Cream (Antiseptic pain relief with aloe)
(6)Sting Relief pad
(2)Eye Pad
(1)Eyewash solution
(5)Butterfly Closures
(1)Emergency/Survival Cover (Heat-Reflective)
(1)Digital Thermometer
(1)CPR Micro shield
(1)Instant Cold compress
(1)First Aid Guide
(1)Fire blanket

*Also includes Zekieyes outlet safety covers, Zekieyes Kids friendly stickers and Zekieyes boo boo pads*

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