Merchant Handbook Guide

How to Set the shipping rate for your products

1. Go to and enter your vendor username

2. Enter your vendor password

3. Click on Login button

4. Click on Personal Details

5. Click on Update Profile

6. Click on Ultimate Shipping tab

7. Select USPS as Shipping Courier

8. Out the suggested Shipping Rate for USPS Flat Rate (inside Continental US ONLY): 1:6.65,2:6.95,4:7.15,10:13.60,20:18.85

If you want to modify those rates, consider that logic of this numbers are: weight:cost,weight:cost,weight:cost ...etcetera

9. Select US Shipping as Geo Zone

10. Go to the Shipping Setting Tab

11. Select Weight base Shipping Plus

12. Save clicking the blue button in the right upper corner

13. Now go to Catalog

14. Click on Products to see your list of products

15. Choose the product to setup the shipping and click the Edit blue button

16. Go to Ultimate Shipping tab

17. Just select the rate previously created in steps 7, 8 and 9. It will appear here

18. Save clicking the blu button in the right upper corner

19. Repeat the steps 14 to 18 for each product in your list.